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Album Description

Released:September 16th, 2008
Recorded:Jan 1st, 2006 - Mar 17th, 2008
Producer: James Beaudreau

My second album, released in 2008. Some solo guitar, some heavily layered tracks. Some tracks are experimental, some are more conventional. Some improvised, some composed. Lots of guitar. The full album is available for download ("pay what you want" or free) and on CDR via Bandcamp.


04. Wick (02:03)

Track Info


I have had the fortune of exchanging musical notions with James; we've spoken of stretching one's ear and being open to anything being called music.

'Wick' is the fourth track on James' 2008 album Fresh Twigs. (I have copy #10 out of 250). The track was initially called "Stern Fifths" on a pre-master disc James gave to me. This is a personal and intimate rendering with careful attention to detail played on an old Gibson 330.

"Wick" begins as a curiosity, like waking up [0:00-0:08]. But a dark foreboding feeling enters the picture [0:09- 0:20] prompting further investigation which develops into an exploratory amble. We take a detour into a momentary middle eastern flourish [0:40-0:49] then return to an amber mood [0:50-1:00], sliding up to a jazzy riff [1:01-1:13], followed by a classical figure [1:14-1:37]. The run at the end of the piece reminds me of a progressive rock riff [1:38-1:46]. There are nice runs between blocks of chords. At times medieval, at times jazzy and definitely a uniquely "James' presence. The rhythm of this piece is tricky; between the arpeggiated moments and the chord-to-chord moments, the runs in between chords, sliding moments and harmonics -- it's got it all!

The last harmonics, our payoff, are like a little joke but still not entirely devoid of something lurking beneath the surface. It's been said there's a grain of truth in every joke. I think James understands this in music. The amble, the stroll in this tune comes out of a dark woods and returns there, but by the end of the track we feel better for it and for the climb. The last progression towards triumph; we'll be okay! (Two harmonics at the very end say, or will we?)

James has provided us with a feast. There is a lot of information in "Wick" containing both form and function in a mere two minutes. I warbled and tried to play along to "Wick" as a means to orient myself but ultimately it's not necessary and since I'm not trained in music not fruitful. What we have is a condensed travel-log -- apprehensive at times and dark other times but joyous in the journey always.
--Philip Lynch

Date Recorded
Jan 31, 2006
Bit Rate
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© James Beaudreau
(p) James Beaudreau
COMPOSER: James Beaudreau


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