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Scenes from the Zoo

Album Description

Pop melodies with distorted guitars. Powerpop. Some grunge and shoegaze tunes too. Nerve riffs and powerful rhythms. Music that seeks immediate happiness boldly. No worries, no perfectionism. Noise. Positive songs, cheerful melodies, passional and "excessive". Referring to other projects of the library, I could say that “Scenes” it’s more optimistic
and positive than “The Crowd”, more rogue than “Traveller’s Guide”. If you want to run, to scream until feeling exhausted, this is the music you're looking for.



Scenes from the Zoo
13. Jahzzar - Free Throw 00:03:34
01. Jahzzar - I saw you on TV 00:02:36
02. Jahzzar - Mr. Bleach 00:02:26
07. Jahzzar - My name is 00:02:04
09. Jahzzar - Never enough 00:02:40
11. Jahzzar - Repeat All 00:01:44
12. Jahzzar - Set aside 00:02:33
10. Jahzzar - Slave 00:02:42
03. Jahzzar - Wishlist 00:02:46
06. Jahzzar - Yep 00:02:28
UPLOADED: 06/06/2013
LISTENS: 62483
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