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Paris, Lisboa

Album Description

I had the fortune of discovering Paris and Lisboa. And it was walking those streets that I had the idea of giving them music. "Paris, Lisboa" is therefore an attempt to recreate some of the city landscapes of those great places, resorting to the sounds most familiar to them. Alfama is a street maze... and fado. Montmartre, with its coffee shops, its slopes... the boheme passing on bikes. And St Germain Boulevard, with the people sitting outside, the traffic, the movie theaters. Book shops in Chiado, the long bridges ... Songs inspired by these images. An attempt to bring them
closer to the listener, at least a little bit. And specially music that tries to go beyond borders; that tries to keep you company along other walks and lanscapes, in many other hoods of many other cities.



Paris, Lisboa
01. Jahzzar - Flying 00:03:00
02. Jahzzar - Rossio 00:03:52
03. Jahzzar - Montmartre 00:03:07
04. Jahzzar - Chiado 00:04:16
05. Jahzzar - Notre-Dame 00:02:19
08. Jahzzar - Pontes 00:04:26
09. Jahzzar - Pigalle 00:05:38
10. Jahzzar - Alfama 00:03:38
UPLOADED: 03/26/2012
LISTENS: 150087

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