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I Have Found a Way by Jacob Henry & Bill Jolliff

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Host: KBOO
Every Saturday morning countless radios are tuned to KBOO listening for the timeless sound of mountain instruments and high lonesome voices.  Music From the True Vine features the full spectrum of bluegrass, from traditional to contemporary, played on vinyl and compact disc, and at the whim of five volunteer programmers.  During the three-hour show, fiercely loyal listeners call in words of encouragement and song requests, ask questions about artists and resources, and even stop by the station to just say "Hey!"  And when it's time to pony up financial support for the station, these same listeners oopen their checkbooks with
a generosity beautiful and humbling to behold. As a way of saying thank you, Tru Vine hosts Dave Elliot and Ian Joel gathered 13 musicians in the KBOO studios during the Spring 2002 membership drive for a special live music show.  You hold in your hands thehighlights of that magical morning in April when the picking was hot and Music From the True Vine set a new drive record. On behlf of the station, the True Vine hosts - Dee Ann David-shofer, Dave Elliott, Gareth Jenkins, Ian Joel, and Phil Hodgen - thank you, once again, for your continued support of listerner-sponsored KBOO.You can purchase the full album by becoming a member of KBOO Community Radio.



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