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Lost My Sight by Indian Jewelry

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Indian Jewelry
Indian Jewelry
Host: Liz Berg
Engineer: Bil Bowen
Houston's amorphous tripped out psych-noise troupe stopped by WFMU for a live performance on Liz B's show. Hatched from the Swarm of Angels, Indian Jewelry had previously gone under the names NTX + Electric, Turquoise Diamons, The Corpses of Waco, and The Perpetual War Party Band. Four years ago, they stopped by WFMU as Nikki Texas + The Turquoise Diamonds for a chaotic live set on OCDJ's show (real-audio archive from 2004). This incarnation of Indian Jewelry included Tex Kerschen, Erika Thrasher and Brandon Davis. Host Liz B, engineered by Bil Bowen, live tracks licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share
Alike 3.0 United States license Indian Jewelry has a new release on We Are Free titled Free Gold. The label was founded by Jason Foster, who released the group's 2006 album Invasive Exotics on his other label, Monitor Records. If you'd like to hear more, Indian Jewelry & co. have a bunch of free mp3s at the Swarm of Angeles web headquarters.-Jason Sigal 7/11/08 @ Beware of the BlogWFMU Playlist/Archive



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