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Ilya Monosov’s Seven Lucky Plays, Or How To Fix Songs For A Broken Heart is Monosov’s private celebration of the human experience and are based on his poems and stories written from 1996–2007. His early exposure to Russian dissident culture greatly affected his life and art. Influenced from a young
age by his parents’s passion for literature, art, and poetry; as well as by the music of Vladimir Vysotsky, Alexander Galich, Leonard Cohen, Coltrane, Miles Davis, and African American folk music traditions (blues and gospel), Monosov’s picked acoustic guitar and voice arrangements were recorded at Hexham Head by Greg Weeks (of Espers), and feature strings by Margaret Weink (Fern Knight), mandolin and harp by Jesse Sparhawk, and electric guitar by Weeks. -Language of Stone, Ilya Monosov, Seven Lucky Plays



02. Ilya Monosov - Happy Song 00:06:47

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