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I Was A Teenage Strangler Soundtrack

Album Description

Producer: William Hellfire
Engineer: William Hellfire
FMA SOUNDTRACKS   I WAS A TEENAGE STRANGLER SOUNDTRACK By Alien Pornography   The very 1st Misty Mundae movie! Softcore princess Misty Mundae (Chantal, The Rage) in her first film role ever! A swingin’ party where ghastly teens indulge in liquor, mind-altering substances and acts of lewdness, defilement and promiscuity...A sexually depraved
lunatic on the prowl, bent on wringing the life from these helpless youth...A night of bizarre and unspeakable atrocities that will have you, too, in the GRIP OF TERROR! Come meet - if you dare - Winston and Myles Strange, brothers with a dark, disturbing secret; Michi, the door-to-door cookie salesgirl with a sweet-tooth for rape; Daisy, the erotic party-goer who can’t keep it in her pants...; Mr. Lon Strauss Jr., the feces-devouring zombie, as well as Freak Nasty, Austin Dallas, Tim Tomorrows, Omega Hedron, lesbian chicks and a cast of characters you will never soon forget...all players of The Factory 2000 - a retro 90’s reincarnation of Warhol’s infamous coterie of weirdos and wannabees. DVD Release Date: March 11, 2008 DVD Talk Says: "I Was a Teenage Strangler is the uncut, unedited freak show behind the freak show, if you catch my drift. It's a virtual non-narrative trip down dirt bag alley, full of wretched behavior meant to terrorize (in Hellfire's words) the trench coat contingent. It is awful on many levels, but so circumspectly awful that it really is a towering, anomalistic achievement in transgressive cinema, the likes of which has essentially been destroyed by 5-minute-long mpegs for cowardly pervs created by and trolling the 'Net. But the Factory 2000 kids meant well, in their own horrific way. Movie fans with special collections of the forbidden will enjoy it" Alien Pornography was: William Hellfire - Guitar Matt Icklan - Drums Mikey Ovum - Bass, synth Engineered by William Hellfire on Taskam 4 track cassette.   For the Factory 2000 production of 'I Was A Teenage Strangler' Released 1997 Factory 2000 VHS - 2008 After Hours Cinema DVD via alternative cinema