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Universo Bifurcado by Humanfobia

Album Description

Released:March 20th, 2017

Formed in 2011 by Sábila Orbe, Humanfobia is a dark ambient, experimental electronic, and noise project from Rancagua, Chile.
Mist Spectra (visual support and keyboards) joined the band in 2015.

Universo Bifurcado (Bifurcated Universe) is an exploration to extraterrestrial dark landscapes in

a parallel abstract sonorous universe, an obscure bifurcated universe between electronic distortions

and spooky atmospheres from abysmal worlds, mainly inspired by the existence of alien life and other spiritual forms.
This long work is a continuum in Humanfobia's experimentations, searching an asymmetrical equilibrium between electronic avant-garde and

dark noise experimental sounds.

Music by Sábila Orbe (programming & vocals) and

Mist Spectra (keyboards).
Cover artwork by Sábila Orbe. Model : Mist Spectra.

( album available in lossless format )

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