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Producer: Higgins, Travis Harrison, Halsey Quemere
Engineer: Halsey Quemere & Travis Harrison, Kevin Fish
After posting this CLASSIC RECORD on Soundcloud last year and somehow earning over 60,000 plays with zero promotion we're offering it as a free download for the first time here at FMA. If you like what you hear please buy a CD or a 7" and prepare yourself for the follow-up Straight A's which we're mixing now and trying to have in people's ears in 2011 but you know how it is. Higgins moves slow and there's nothing wrong with that as you'll hear...SBR27 (2008)HIGGINS: Zs Higgins is a band comprised of old pals who mine the fertile wells of
the classy rock. The grooves are slow-burning and good-feeling. The playing is expert and soulful. There are layers of delicious melody tucked in every crevasse. Head Hig Kevin Fish writes the songs with an elegance and timeless sophistication rarely encountered in our post-post-modern existence. You can trust in Higgins. Z's was crafted slowly at Serious Business Music recording studio in New York City during the span of November 2006 to June 2008, produced by the band in collaboration with engineers Halsey Quemere and Travis Harrison. The band relished in crafting larger-than-life arrangements with varied and sometimes exotic instrumentation. "Everybody (Thunder Mountain)" is positively titanic in scale with two drum sets, strings, horns, autoharp, and even flutes vying for space with guitars, bass and Fish's rich, mellow tenor. "Write It Down" is delicious AM gold, soft rock if you will, definitely cut from the cloth of the smooth 70s, but endowed with a lyric so eloquent and genuine that it breaks your heart right away. Add in a purely poetic Josh Kaufman string arrangement, impeccable playing from the band, and the gentle touch of Fish's voice, and you have yourself a soon-to-be American classic. On a completely different side of the sonic spectrum, "Charly" is fine full-on raging riff-rock showcasing the thunderous gifts of drummer Brian Kantor who bashes with a power and musicality unequalled by any rock drummer today.



01. Higgins - There He Is 00:02:30
03. Higgins - Wall of Dumb 00:02:48
04. Higgins - Jamy 00:04:46
05. Higgins - Roy G. Business 00:03:19
06. Higgins - Yes I Know 00:03:15
07. Higgins - Write It Down 00:04:26
08. Higgins - OK 00:03:45
10. Higgins - Charly 00:05:10
UPLOADED: 04/30/2011

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