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Core Value 2 by Gwilly Edmondez

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Producer: Gwilly Edmondez
  On 31st October 2009 Gwilly phoned in a 15-minute live vocal set for Nat Roe’s show on WFMU ( The previous day he was on a psychogeographical jaunt through small satellite towns of Bridgend, South Wales, with the photographer Stojan. The tracks featured on this album post were recorded as 1) warm-ups for the live set next day, and 2) tasters for Nat to give him an idea what to expect so he could assemble appropriate live collage material. The whole endeavour is part of an ongoing scheme to prepare a new Gwilly Edmondez solo voice (plus occasional dictaphone/sampler) set
appearing at sundry venues over the coming months.   Info: Gwilly Edmondez – voice, guitar & piano Recorded in Ewenny, Aberkenfig, Ogmore Vale & Porthcawl on Friday 30th October. All tracks recorded to Edirol R1 hard-drive recorder and remain unedited on publication. As this is published under Creative Commons, please feel free to reuse any of this material, only be sure to let Gwilly know via Free Music Archive if you do. Track order:       1)     Yellow Hallway Before 2)     Aberkenfig Bus Stop 3)     Conversations With Traffic As Raptors 4)     Core Value 1 5)     My Action Man Used To Blob 6)     Narrow Cringe 7)     Dead Joan 8)     Door Popper Fix One 9)     David Dafydd Dewi Denus 10)  Door Popper Fix Two            11)  Core Value 2 12)  Satan, Ah, Satan 13)  Griffiths' Open All Hours 14)  In The Movie Of The Guy 15)  Unemployment DirgeRapido HenOn & In FMU 4 Real



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