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Gwilly Sings Chart Sweep 15 by Gwilly Edmondez

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CHART SWEEP (AKA TIME SWEEP) is a 2-part mix created by Hugo Keesing using up to 5 seconds of each and every #1 since the mid fifties, in order, up until 1981 in Part 1 and into the early nineties in Part 2. Find more info at Gwilly Edmondez started watching Top of the Pops when he was 3. From then on he was obsessed with pop music. he has developed an approach to music making that collides a pop sensibility (with all its showbiz delusional rhetoric) with the materials and mentalness of experimental music. For this WFMU premium,
DO or DIY invited Gwilly to sing along with the whole 74 minutes of Chart Sweep on headphones, which was then both mixed with the original and left as acapella.     Since 2003 People Like Us [Vicki Bennett} have been broadcasting a radio show on WFMU called DO or DIY. The show mixes highbrow with lowbrow to challenge whether there is much difference. the show is archived at



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