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Get The Gore by Gore Gore Girls

Album Description


Born by the pale blue glow of “Hullabaloo,” lullabied by the River Rouge Stamping Plant and honed to a shiv point by midnight B-movies, Detroit’s Gore Gore Girls' come-hither sneer draws a sonic line (in thick, black eyeliner, babies) from the Girl Group ground zero of the Brill Building to the legendary punk Mecca of the Grande Ballroom. Get the Gore’s innocent and insolent sound finds both the gum-snapping punk in the Ronettes and the sweet and dirty romance in the Stooges.

It is brash, cute and killer. Be forewarned, though, anyone who writes the Gore Gore Girls off as only big hair, go-go boots and reform school allure misses the meat of the matter; slowwitted oglers are liable to get rudely muscled aside when the Girls hit the stage with their fully loaded Gretsch guitars, sweet harmonies and three-on-the-tree energy.

Simple yet savage songs like “All Grown Up” “Don’t Cry” and “Pleasure Unit” (co-written with nether-worldy rock-and-roll legend Kim Fowley) make you want to take the top down, even if you need a blowtorch to do it. Raveups like “Fox in a Box” and “Casino” will have you stashing the half pint in your ass pocket so you can do The Fug or The Swim. The psychedelic shimmy of “Where Evil Grows” and “You Lied to Me Before” will groove the black light crowd right out of their pads.

Amy, guitarist, vocalist and the Gore to the fore, formed the Girls out of an uncontrollable and perhaps unhealthy fascination with the style and sass of classic ‘60s girl groups and the convulsing sonic energy of an industrial American city disintegrating. Being a fellow member of the Sisterhood of the Gretsch, Marlene (fondly referred to as The Hammer—listen up and you’ll hear why) signed on soon thereafter on the lead guitar. Bassist Carol Anne Schumacher (who also finds time to play in The Detroit Cobras and Reigning Sound) and drummer Nicky Styxx round out the Gore lineup on the album. The Gore Gore Girls’ knockout live show—sexy, but in a “Watch it, wiseass” kind of way—has landed them tours with rock ‘n’ roll legends The Cramps and manic psychobilly preacher Reverend Horton Heat.

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Get The Gore
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