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One Shipwreck After Another by Golden Bats

Album Description


Sleeve notes by Andrew Tuttle

Sixes and Twelves, the first New Weird Australia compilation release of 2013, explores the guitar in all its varied forms and nuances. Over twenty-six tracks on two 'albums' , six, twelve, and four string guitars are plucked, scraped, strummed, treated and picked to within an inch of tangible existence, before regularly being brought back into the realm of the recognisable.

The result of an extensive call out by New Weird Australia in early 2013, Sixes and Twelves is the end result of over seventy submissions received - all of which highlighted the world-class approaches to abstract guitar music hiding in Australia.

Sixes and Twelves highlights the adaptability of the guitar, a staple instrument in popular music throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, to be subverted within innovative and experimental creative approaches. From Kris Keogh's Stowaway, a glitched out guitar and vocal paean from another dimension; to Sadglint's Overture, a one man guitar symphony; to the heavy demonic de-constructive dirges of Bad Astrology by Bonnie Mercer (of Dead River and Grey Daturas); Sixes and Twelves spans an incredibly broad array of modern guitar experimentation.


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