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La Carcel De Mi Ser by Goines Ma Non Troppo

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Album Description

Obviously I just wanna make music, i discover some melody, I could not invent any tune, no one could do it, just being discovered, are there in the world of ideas. "Goines" is the last name of the Brad Pit character on 12 Monkeys movie and "ma non troppo"
means something like "but not too much" in italian lenguage. So, crazy like Jeffrey Goines but not that crazy, not too much... Song 3 Sabemos eso Pedro Amodio performed and created his own lyric on this. Song number 5 Luciérnagas performed by Julio Ulloa. and song number 7 performed by Ryusuke Ikeda. La cárcel de mi ser The song number 8 is performed by r. but she deleted her badspace account, I mean myspace :P