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Live on BT's show '09 (full set) by Gnaw

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As a former member of O.L.D. and Khanate, Alan Dubin has etched a blackened hash mark forever into the totem pole of tortured throat purveyors; his terrifyingly raw, sometimes electronically manipulated shrieks are a thing of alien nature to say the least. GNAW began in 2006 with members of Burning
Witch, Enos Slaughter, Ike Yard and sound design wizard Brian Beatrice, released their debut "This Face" this past year on Conspiracy, and are making some radio doom this afternoon on BT's show. (-Brian Turner / WFMU Playlist & Streaming Archive for BT's show) The band: Alan Dubin: vokills, Carter Thornton: bass/gtr/b. vox, Eric Neuser: drums, Brian Beatrice: guitar/bass, Jun Mizumachi: laptop/b. vox. Setlist: Haven Vault / Backyard Frontier / Feelers / Watcher / Talking Mirrors / Ghosted More info:  Engineered by Diane Farris 11/30/2009



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