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Ni Siquiera un Poquito by Futurología

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Futurología - 'Lo que Escuchan los Satélites'
Futurología - 'Lo que Escuchan los Satélites'
suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release Futurología - 'Lo que Escuchan los Satélites'!   "Looking at venus not yet, but we belong to broken bones i’m down by the sand cluttered smiles of frowns   do we depend in rage of mothers pain of love i die in front of your bed drying
my tears of yielded grand wizards bowels can the hut be ours i crave sentimental through the architecture of noise spilling the touch of miss poroese she encountered my flavor as centrifugal orientation matters of ooze changing times in between thy arms ma fleur -(simply part of my heart) did we - there’s a brick, will I ever attach to the head   think as little pink places coaled water perils brush stellar constellations dwelling the touch of skins being of no fooling as only them become realm bypassing the second part" -undRess Béton



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