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The 7th Word of the 7th Egg of the 7th Oscillation by Zreen Toyz

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FSS Segunda Ola Creativa (fsS_002)
FSS Segunda Ola Creativa (fsS_002)
La Magia puebla cada poro del Jardín Demental, rigiendo los acontecimientos bajo una lógica que sólo los Psilocybe Cubensis conocen. Nuestro Fump-Motiv eran 7 palabras. Y 7 piezas han llegado al Jardín Demental. Sólo un sonámbulo creía en las casualidades y, obviamente, se ha vuelto ateo en el asunto. Les
presentamos los 7 maravillosos engendros que, llenos de fuerza, significado (y/o falta del mismo), configuran nuestra Segunda Ola Creativa. Muchas gracias a todos los participantes! Es siempre un placer! The Magic inhabits every pore in the Demental Garden, governing the events under a logic only known by the Psilocybe Cubensis. Our Fump-Motiv were 7 words. And 7 pieces have we recieved. Only was a sleepwalker left that believed in coincidences, and has obviously become an atheist in the matter. We present the 7 marvelous entities that, full of strength, meaning (or lack of it), set up our second creative wave. Many thanks to all participants! It is always a pleasure!



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