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FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape 5

Album Description

FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape 5
FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape 5
Producer: FrostClick
Yes, it’s been a long, very long time since FrostClick released a mixtape with collaboration with FrostWire(the best downloader/music player out there to date). Actually it’s been nearly full 3 years. But we are back with some great selections.The tracks on this year’s release cover the best of Creative Commons 
artists we featured here on the blog in the past year.   It also has been a lot of work, and we hope you will truly enjoy the music on this volume – maybe even discover few of your new favorite artists at the same time. There is everything – the flowing lyrics and spot on beats of Wasaru’s Sadtime album, amazingly chill hiphop sounds of Broke For Free to the smooth Reggae of Emeterians.   Inside of the Mixtape there are also gems like Air Around Us by Chalk Dinosaur. It begins with a sound of a trumpet and some synthesized voices – then it takes you on one awesome trip. Enjoy this chill electronic find when you in need of a good distraction from the everyday.   Just like Air Around Us or I Won’t Cry all tracks here are licensed under a Creative Commons license so make sure you spread the word and share the finds with your friends – free and legal! But before you use any of them for your work – make sure you check each for the kind of license they use – yes they do vary from song to a song. The file included with a download will provide you with links to corresponding license, you can learn more on differences between them at Creative Commons website. So step back and enjoy each of the tracks! Comment below with your favorites and spread the word!


Single Tracks

FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape 5
UPLOADED: 12/13/2016

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