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Manchu Suite by Francesco Fusaro

Album Description

Released:April 19th, 2016
Producer: Francesco Fusaro


"In these last three months came the idea of producing an "ambient" album, by using the technique which best suits me: sampling. The challenge would be in using sounds taken from various sources other than my own, in spending the least amount of time possible producing ( there are just 2 sound layers ), in using only samples from albums that I have here available in London ( the only exception being the orchestral closing which actually are some stams that had been in my hard drive for years ), and finally spending the smallest amount of time possible on the tracks themselves. At the beginning I thought of these as separate moments of an ideal soundtrack for and imaginary book or play. Then one day was raining and I just left my phone recording the sound of the rain pouring down and forgot all about it. I then decided to use that very field recording as background for the tracks which than became a single composition. Within it there are reverse sounds, scratched or reverbed or filtered through a wah-wah ( or anyway manipulated on the single track ). Each episode is thus the result of a plunderphonic manipulation process carried out on every single sample".



Manchu Suite
01. Manchu Suite (30:44)

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