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Carreteras by Fotos del Otoño

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For a band that started as an acoustic trio, this is our rawest and rocking record to date. It was released in September 2015 by Minima Discos label. By the end of June 2015 we began the recording of our 4th record, the sucesor of “Superposicion” (Superposition) which we released
in 2012. The main recording was done with the whole band playing live in the great room of Estudios Baumann, in two exhausting and consecutive days. Two guitar amps face to face, bass, keyboards and drums (with a huge Gretsch bass drum) was what we needed. Then we continued overdubbing voices and arrangements in our private home-studios (Sun King Records and Robox). Here we added piano, percussion and some steel-string guitars to compliment the basic track, which was essentially electric. Though we also overdubbed more distorted guitars, which can be heard throughout the record. Finally, we returned to Baumann to do the analog mixing, adding some tape delay and reverbs here and there, and putting the whole mixed record through the tape machine to round-off the sound. FOTOS DEL OTOÑO started on 2007 by the meeting of Mauro Valenti and Miguel Canel.



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