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I think you are awesome by Flugeldar

Album Description

Flugeldar is Christian Cummings, Lee Lynch, and Doug Harvey. First album was issued by ballbearingspinatas label in 2002 under the band name Fireworks. Though F recorded 3 full length albums, they were most notorious for performances scarcely resembling the recordings. A Fireworks show involved trance induction, ecstatic improv art-rock reveries,
speaking in tongues, and loss of self through spontaneous uncontrolled body movement. Between 02 and 07, F performed upward of 25 shows per year. We were featured in Sean Carnage's cult rockumentary, 40 bands in 80 minutes, appeared on QTN's The Queer Edge with Jack E. Jett, and played a cough-syrup-intoxicated party band in Dave Fenster's debut feature film Trona.   



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