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This Is The End, Beautiful Friend

Album Description

Are the hiss, crackles, and pops on records protected by copyrights? This controversial project by File Under Toner (Anki Toner) posed the question and got into some trouble.This release is a treasure trove for all artists wishing to add the authentic warm crackle of old recordings to their new works. recording the silent final grooves of records. not so silent after all. playing them loud enough to capture the hiss, the pops, the clicks. adding a couple of digital delays, some EQ and filtering, a little reverb here and there… not much, really. it’s all in the records if you
know where to listen.of course it is difficult to listen to these grooves with automatic return turntables (stupid consumer-oriented machines). maybe that’s why you never paid will probably have to raise the volume to play this album, which will add a little electronic hum, different with every equipment on which you play it. this is a (nice) feature, not a bug.if you have the means, stamp these tracks on a three sided LP. you will have three free extra end grooves, and a blank side to needle-surf. Full liner notes: web, pdf, hi rez bmps



This Is The End, Beautiful Friend
08. File Under Toner - magic 00:02:49
10. File Under Toner - party 00:01:23
11. File Under Toner - orgy 00:00:57
25. File Under Toner - again 00:01:18
28. File Under Toner - horses 00:01:53
34. File Under Toner - ego 00:01:23
UPLOADED: 11/08/2010
LISTENS: 147189

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