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Vamos a bailar a la noche by Fasenuova

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"Smoky and Discs Fasenuova Partner to the new post of Mieres a 12 "entitled" A fifth fire "coming from the factory with a limited edition of 500 copies. The album aims to be an allegory, at once funny and profound, the mysteries of life: love, death, language. The music is
treated as an alchemical able to connect humans with the unknown. Simple but forceful rhythmic foundations, built with old analog drum machines, along with the presence of a monophonic synthesizer, add to the layers of sound bodily consistency in some cases and in others, evanescent. The voice is the undisputed star and shows from an intimate and hidden from the human soul. The set is a book of poems, while minstrel and industrial marking the beginning of the creative Fasenuova maturity. The recording of the composition of the song "When the hawk," an attempt to exalt all the hope in the signs and signals and language of heaven. The result is a curious techno-folk experiment where phrases are repeated to serve as reference throughout the entire disc. "We're going dancing at night," is intended as a dance hit in which all elements are combined to crystallize in the chorus. The album was recorded in the "Conservatory of Music in Mieres." The production was done by Henry Guisasola (G-Kahn), leading Promodiscopy Studio, Gijón. Enrique Guisasola founded in 1998 known Ohms Records record store in Oviedo, at the same time began to make fantastic sessions characterized by an impeccable rhythmic stamp of quality and originality, which soon brought him general recognition. Since then, an irreplaceable musician dancefloors Asturias. The mastering of "A fifth fire" took care Valentin Corujo (Exium, a group of techno over 50 vinyl labels published in many national and international). Exium has made ​​his songs are part of the session musicians on the scale of Laurent Garnier, Oscar Mulero, Dave Clarke, Surgeon, or Luke Slater."Google Traslation from the original Spanish:∏=492  



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