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People and Places by FLT RSK

Album Description

Released:June 21st, 2011
Producer: JB Lawrence

"Recorded with Michael Gavrielides at Athens’ dreamLab Studios, and available for free download at, this album is sure to provide the perfect soundtrack for your Summer of 2011. Producer/keyboardist JB Lawrence, drummer MatthewWoolley, and bassist Matty G are a trio not to be trifled with, combining their talents for a pulse-quickening journey through digital space and musical time, borderhopping between at least a dozen different subgenres of modern electronic music with reckless abandon and effortless aplomb. The Matts are as in sync as a drum and bass duo can get (right down to their names) and their impeccably danceable rhythms create an environment in which Lawrence’s production wizardry and synth bravado can bloom in a thousand different directions, from the sample-based ambience of “The Realm” to the fluttery IDM of “Mishka”; from the funky left field hip-hop of “Mass Transit” to the atmospheric experimentalism of “…With Eyes So True.” Further stirring this mind-melting pot, Athens’ rising star Lera Lynn provides some sultry vocal soul on the stunning electro R&B number “For Real,” and Atlanta MC Priceless the Kid lays down some elastic rhymes on the hot-n-heavy club stomper “Fe’zed.” Indeed, in a genre where artists have a tendency to blend together, FLT RSK can’t even produce two tracks that sound alike, but their spot-on collaborative chemistry and peerless showmanship remain a defining constant."



People and Places

People and Places by FLT RSK is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
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