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Ricky Martini by Eusebio feat Waar & Emil Ivanescu

Album Description

Eusebio - ONE
Eusebio - ONE
These are 9 tracks testifying together about the way Bucharest is and feels like today. The album, simply called ONE, marks Eusebio’s debut and it doesn’t just play the capital’s soundscape. Its purpose is to make you feel like you are taking a walk through it: full blown human chaos
with sound chaos and traffic chaos for the middle of the day and deep, deep clam punctuated by a vagrant dog or car for the middle of the night. The album contains reworked night time street ambient recordings and for any of the song there is a corresponding particular state of mind or moment in time. It took Eusebio a full year to finish ONE, a full year of fine tuning to achieve minute details that you are aware of after two or three listening sessions. The more sessions, the more details. Synths, flutes, guitars, drums and drum effects and drum machines plus traffic signs turned drum kits, plates and glasses turned to chimes and bells, and above all these, the mighty PC, used as a recording, editing and mixing tool. Part of the songs are produced by Waar, Eusebio wingman in the High Jet project, an electronica extravaganza endeavor, a musical fresh mint designed to refresh you. As a bonus, the CD version of the album includes a surprise sound piece for the lucky guy that gets hold of a copy. And by the way, the design of the CD leaflet is made by LieProof ( and has the Country’s Heroes Monuments on it. Local heroes, sort of.