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 Eusebio (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


There’s a strong bond between Eusebio’s musical productions and his surroundings. For him this is the most important thing when he starts composing. He tries to express through music the very place it is created in and this place is Bucharest. He experiments a lot, with constructive results. His raw
materials are locally recorded ambient sounds. He reworks and integrates in his songs all kind of soundclips:a plates and glasses choir, stray dogs, various voices and the sounds of traffic signs turned to drum kits after being mysteriously teleported from parks into studio. He likes to work in a team because he thinks that multiple talents of various artists give birth to a unique chemistry which is unmistakeable. He has been working for the last three years alongside another Romanian producer, Waar and the flute player Emil Ivanescu. Their combined works range from dancing psychedelia that will destroy against your will to any pair of shoes to audio vitamins that float both your body and spirit. Eusebio admits to being influenced by the decadence and the sound of the 80′s, but also by the two decades that came before, full of psychedelia, analog and experimental zeitgeist. When he takes his place at his DJ desk, the people in front of him are doom to dance the night away while he takes a very careful chosen way through the eclectic history of the electronic music.



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