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Music for an Underground Circus by Ergo Phizmiz

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Instrumental music from the forthcoming 10 part Ergo Phizmiz radio-art cycle "The House of Dr Faustus". Composed, Performed & Produced by Ergo Phizmiz (Instruments - Foot Harmonium, Indian Harmonium, Tenor Accordion, Toy Piano, Melodica, Balinese Xylophone, Violin, Viola, Banjo, Messiah Box, Ukulele, Euphonium, Harmonica, Voice, Acoustic & Classical Guitar, Bagpipes, Didjerydoo, Desk Bell, Mechanical Birds, Pixiphone, Horns, Recorder, Fife, Tibetan Flute, Kazoo, Autoharp, Cajon, Assorted Drums) except "Gretchen's Tango", trumpet lines composed and performed by Mark Upton. "So Wunsch Ich Dir" composed by Melchior Franck, arranged by Ergo Phizmiz "Vespers" composed by Claudio Monteverdi, arranged by Ergo Phizmiz "Funeral March
for a Marionette" composed by Gounod, arranged by Ergo Phizmiz "Leave Off Hymen" composed by Thomas Ravenscroft, arranged by Ergo Phizmiz "Helen Entrance" features a vocal performance by Margita Zalite "The Dream of Sergei Prokofiev" is based on themes from Sergei Prokofiev's "Lieutenant Kije Suite" "Dream Garden" is based upon the song "Show Me a Rose", by Bert Kalmar & Harry Ruby, as performed by Groucho Marx "Au Joli Bois" composed by Charles Tessier, arranged by Ergo Phizmiz Recorded 2007-2009, on the Isle of Wight, La Ferriere aux Etangs, La Noe de Fendrement, & Buckfastleigh. The image shows two angles on a 1920s "Joujouville" French puppet theatre piano, one of the reoccurring sounds on this collection. The project is supported by Arts Council England,, & Vaguely Marsupial Productions. This collection is dedicated to James Nye / Jack Phoenix, without whose interaction and inspiration on the whole Faustus project this music would not have been made.



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Music for an Underground Circus by Ergo Phizmiz is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England License.
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