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El Hombre Nuevo by Epoxia

Album Description

Producer: Vate
Engineer: Vate
Reviews “Epoxia is a joint musical project of electronic sound artists Vate and Luar. It is another fine example of the Mexican electronic music scene. The self-titled album offer four tracks, each being about five minutes in duration, of well structured beats and melodies.Soberbia Espiritual (Remix) consists of shimmering tones
slowing building out of a thunder storm. The sounds transform into a driving beat that carries a feeling of quiet desperation. It the best cut on the album but “Hombre Soberbia” and “El Hombre Nuevo” are also strong tracks with dancable beats and interesting twists.”Free Albums Galore “After I had listened Epoxia for the first time, I thought that I’m listening to some Kraftwerk-like, Vate-similar production. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s true that they Epoxia is one of Vate’s bands and both composers, Vate and Luar, have some inclinations towards Kraut-electro, but the resemblances end here. Epoxia creates a style completely different from Vate’s one, although it’s still cool, rhythmical electronica, it’s different and, what’s more important, very much creative.My favourite tune are both versions of Soberbia Spiritual. It really rocks (although guitar samples are very subtle here), and it really flows, the way I like it. It doesn’t mean that another tunes are useless. Hombre Soberbia is really rhytmical, and El Hombre Nuevo is extremely melodic.”Galaktycznyzwiad



03. Epoxia - El Hombre Nuevo 00:05:00

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