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Big Dig Something by Elf P

Album Description

Tom Hohmann aka Elvish Presley aka Black Elf aka Elf P aka Usaisamonster etc's 3 awesome Y2K 4 track albums are up on the FMA! The immortal classic Elvish Presley Cdr is here. This music spawned a cult following showcased on a DIY tour with a lightshow, nude scene, rapping, costumes, the whole 9. It's a classic. Mass Dist #25 Elf P is where Tom's "Elf thing" all started. Featuring hits and riffs. This one still sounds good to me. Mass Dist #22 And Dada is Tom and Leif Ritchey aka Shades aka Tom's best friend when they were kids'
1999 weekend recording goof off. I don't think I heard this one at the time. It really holds up! No one wants to hear songs anymore. Folks want mellow weird jams, right? Well, this album is just one mellow weird jam. Mass Dist #22



05. Elf P - Big Dig Something 00:01:31

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