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Angular Momentum by Egg Nebula

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Pavillon36 owner and operator here under the Egg Nebula moniker with a new release on the ever incredible Sociopath Recordings netlabel. After a long hiatus, Sociopath is back at it and Grindthieves couldn’t be happier. With this joint from Egg Nebula, though, what you have is 4 tracks of leftfield
jungle experimentation that, by and large, comes off quite successfully. There are some moments in the third track, “Invisible Conspiracy”, that the breaks get a little sloppy and lose track of their course – but overall this is a great little EP of weirdo breakbeat freakouts that anyone into the more experimental side of jungle music should enjoy. Some great experimentation in the lowend and atmosphere while getting creative with the breaks, Egg Nebula doesn’t indulge too terribly much in some masturbatory production chinstroking, the vibe is loose and fun while still being exploratory and off the beaten path. words from



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