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Mundo Lemmy by Edu Comelles & Javier Piñango

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Edu Comelles & Javier Piñango
Edu Comelles & Javier Piñango
Producer: Edu Comelles & Javier Piñango
suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to present you 'BullDozer' by Edu Comelles & Javier Piñango! “BullDozer” can be understood as a clash (without bulletproof vest) between unprocessed field recordings and an analogue synthesiser... Still this is not an accurate interpretation, too easy, BullDozer aims to go further. This sonically violent clash between
those far apart elements is a conscious and deliberated sabotage, knowing the outcome an its very consequences: somewhere between filthiness, dirt, corruption, rustiness, gasoline and bleach ... and mainly noise, saturation and excessiveness. This is an attitude contained underneath the “Heavy Metal Field Recordings” tag, plane and simple. BullDozer is a field recordings album, a Heavy Metal album without electric guitars, its an outcasted electronics album, its made for thugs and pimps conceptually and aesthetically. This album is like Charles Bronson gun way down the throat of that thing called “experimental sound”, its a provocation, an outburst, a walk down the sound alley; BullDozer clearly is a microphone and a synthesiser leering hard a Marshall Amplifier, a drunken pub chat about genres, styles, that ends badly, pure heresy, and proud of being. This is mainly the A and B of BullDozer. In the meantime, seven pieces of raw sound that can only be preceded by a statement of intent such as “Mundo Lemmy” a full scale homage to the man. In fact, Lemmy is all over the place. Afterwards there is time for a carwash, chainsaws, non subterranean subways, F1 cars beating the road of a corrupted and decadent region, a washing machine out of it, and finally, the mexican orgy, a full scale pagan bacchanalia at Zócalo Square devoted to consumption and heavy drums. Producing, recording, mixing BullDozer is hell on earth, a sound nightmare, a sicken endeavour that can easily infect you. Blood on the ears of all the hard listening, adjusting and maladjusting, all down to a purpose, to serve an agenda, a howl of bad attitude and rage perpetrated by the two guilty men: Piñango and Comelles. Download from the IA as 320K MP3 incl. Cover & InfoDownload from the IA as AIFF incl. Cover & InfoDownload from the IA as WAV incl. Cover & Info