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Sea Legs

Album Description

Versatile, instrumental, ambient, complete and ambitious. These adjectives best describe Sea Legs. The release of this first solo project of Ears was preceded by his guest appearances on compilations of the series Free the Beats and Break Asymmetry. This way Ears has been preparing us for something more substantial, something introduced by such tracks as ‘Red Rope’ or ‘Bus Trip’. This something is his album Sea Legs that features not only fantastic violin, piano or vibraphone parts, but also a mass of electronic and ambiguous sounds, that fantastically go together with the light equivocal rhythm section. ‘Sea Legs’ is certainly
the culmination of Ears’s musical influences. It is also the proof that abstract and ambitious hip-hop is still a source of inspiration and a genre that has not yet come a full circle. (via.)



Sea Legs
01. Ears - Magic carpet 00:01:38
02. Ears - Red Rope 00:02:13
03. Ears - Brass buttons 00:02:51
04. Ears - Video game 00:03:33
05. Ears - Bustrip 00:04:38
06. Ears - Lazerbeard 00:04:23
07. Ears - Passing 00:01:18
08. Ears - Beastman 00:03:02
09. Ears - Boomclap 00:02:17
11. Ears - Sea legs 00:03:37
12. Ears - Hello 00:04:24
13. Ears - Looking 00:02:52
14. Ears - Angelic wolf 00:03:07
UPLOADED: 05/30/2012
LISTENS: 18616

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