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Microhorror Compilation Vol. 1: Part I - The Crypt

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//////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //// MICROHORROR COMPILATION /////////////////////////// //// by Dr. Von Pnok ////////// Rules, Artists info //// //// 31st October 2007 //////// & contacts ///// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ******************************************************************************* ** RULES ********************************************************************** ******************************************************************************* I hereby call upon all ghouls, vampires, zombies, mad scientists, witches, serial killers to rise from their grave, haunted mansion, crypt or abandonned house to create the most twisted, shit-in-you-pants, spooky 8bit/lofi tunes for a special halloween compo... Rules: By any ways possible to make lo-fi sounds, try to produce the spookiest tune ever! You can add other samples...For example, you can put quotes from your fav horror movie :) Artists
will have their tunes released on the website ..// and then people will submit a vote for each tune. With the best tunes, a small amount of mini-Cdr will be freely distributed!!! THANKS: Videovalvontaa (for the artwork), 64H & E.S.C (for hosting the full mp3 archive), and all the artists who entered the compo! NOTE: All content in this .rar archive is licensed under a Creative Common License. For more info, please see: NOTE2: Data is missing for some artists, just check their websites or myspace to know more! ******************************************************************************* ** Artists info *************************************************************** ******************************************************************************* Anti-Cheat ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data is missing... Contact: Baron Knoxburry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once an 8 year old multi-Hutangweeian dimensional time traveler (who hid in the closet of one Langel Janson L. Bookbinder Esq. IX upon visits to Gaia) the Baron Knoxburry has a plethorical aptitudinal sense for intervaliac instiances. Harmoniously melodic rhythms are chordially and oft represented in a loose, asymetrical fashion. Always post-forefront of trial and error, this entity lastates innocuously the trials and tribulations of a confused and subtley narcissistic subconscious. At this day in age there resides no mystake; for the great ~Triad hath merged, trapped in a single, yet humble, body. Contact: Bert Fisk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE BERT FISK STORY IS NOW SOMETHING OF A LEGEND The tale of a world-storming war born out of the sick mind of foul-smelling Gameboy-player and ego-driven mastermind Jonatan Eldh - have changed the face of music and beyond, forever. An incredibly creative blend of music, animation, technology, wit and humour, Bert Fisk re-invented the possibilities of entertainment with every release. This approach has made Bert Fisk a global phenomenon, having sold in excess of 15 million records worldwide to date. He have won awards from Grammys to Webbys to MTV awards and more, for practically every aspect of his operation. By rattling the cages of the music industry so fiercely, the fearless nature of Bert Fisks experiments illuminated the way forward for all, pioneering techniques and redefining the cultural landscape along the way. Big Chip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big Chip makes music using old nintendo consoles. Contact: Chibibo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He makes chip music He is based in the South-East of England He is inspired by lots of other genres like trance, d'n'b and happy hardcore He'S straight edge - real straight edge, not emo straight edge hE's vegetarian and happy Contact: Chip Champion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chip Champion is Charles Rogers. He has choosed this project name all the chip and lo-fi music he does. To date, he has already completed an EP named "Number1". He is currently working on a full album named "Sloppy Seconds." Dot.AY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dot.AY is Alex Yabsley from Brisbane, Australia. The music Dot.AY creates comes from a juxtaposition of the cute and the horrible. Such as a cute pink zombie bunny rabbit that is eating a childs face on a patch of daisies. He has just recently finished his Music Technology Honours degree and now wishes to focus on performing live shows through out Australia to establish a community of like minded 8bit artists down under. Contact: Dr. Von Pnok ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- scrambled retranscription. mess in your head. sounds. acid digestion. noise. diffusion of wonky groove. chaotic expressions. resonance. frequency. During the ace and flop ages of dnb, Dr.Von Pnok has been consuming several styles and experiences. Watching the movement rise and fall, he reluctantly tries to digest his influences using video game music formats and modified electronic toys. Musically raised by several places on the web, he combines de.composed rhythms & infected chip sounds into micro dancefloor pearls. Missing the rave age he never knew, Pnok stays in emptied rooms... so far. Contact: Environmental sound collapse ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 man electronic project that started in 2001 in chicago.... Constantly releasing new albums & EPs almost always available for free download from his myspace & website...., FB5K ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Ich sage: Noch mehr Plastik. Wir brauchen Plastik" - Von Spar, "Bunsenwahrheiten", 2003 They demand for even more plastic; The FB5K supplies easily. Intro sampling, retro emulation, supersaw, ACDC-Riffs, and any other unkosher production technique, to forge chiptune, euro-rave and what's not in some misshaped bastard. Jdub ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data is missing... Jellica ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just him and a gameboy with LSDJ for this Microhorror tune Contact: Little Super Human ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One 22 year old male named Jesse Jardine. One demo copy of LSDJ. One Gameboy emulator. Lawrence Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Lawrence Power Nick: lpower Birthdate: 14.02.1982 Nationality: Canada/New-Zealand Location: Berlin status: Married Prefered chip: 2a03 Prefered piece of software: Famitracker Matt Nida ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt Nida is a musician and DJ who lives in London and makes melancholic electro-dance using Gameboys and drum machines. Contact: Moogle Charm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data is missing... Nanogrrrl ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nanogrrrl is Chloe, London-based chiptune artist and musician. A talented and prolific multi-instrumentalist by nature, Chloe is experienced in performing live and recording music from both sides of the studio glass. In addition to repairing and modifying pro-audio equipment, she has engineered, programmed and co-produced on various projects. Chloe is currently working on new material. Contact: nitro2k01 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data is missing... Contact: Nordloef ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nordloef is a chiptune artist from Sweden. He used Nanoloop 2.2 and some field recording samples found on the net for that halloween song. Contact: OBE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data is missing... Ohms&Watts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ohms and Watts has been involved in electronic music for several decades, and have assiduously explored the debris-strewn netherworld of degraded sound/noise/music. . . . . Rawmin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submitting his 2nd or 3rd chiptune for this special halloween compilation, Rawmin just recently started to take an interest in chiptunes. SILent REQuiem ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- silreq aka silent requiem aka Jacob C McNamee has been making music officially since 1998, originally using a cheap casio and a DDD-5 korg drum machine, and sequencing it using Protracker on an AMIGA. In 1999 he added tape manipulation and noise to the mix starting a small band called "Reverse & Rewind". After a small release with RnR, silreq moved on to several small Amiga Noise/Industrial /Darkwave/synthpop projects. Then after the death of the original and fallout of the rave scene ( in the U.S. ), he went on to play at several private parties using his AMIGA and MC-505. Silreq then took a break from music until early 2005 when he returned to chip music and hasn't stopped since. . . Discography: 1999 "Meat Marquette", Reverse N Rewind, MP3.COM 2000 "H8", Silent Requiem, MP3.COM 2001 "Hibern8", Silent Requiem, MP3.COM 2006 "The Task At Hand", Silent Requiem, Last Chants Studios 2007 "By The Sword (Tracks from '99 - tommorrow)", Silent Requiem, Last Chants Studios 2007 "Saiken", Silent Requiem, Last Chants Studios 2007 "7 in 1 Teledisco", SILent REQuiem, Last Chants Studios 2007 "WAVEKOR?", SILent REQuiem, Last Chants Studios 2007 "Piece of Mind", SILent REQuiem, Last Chants Studios 2007 "PornoChip compilation", Track "Torture, Please" was featured, Contact: Squareway (aka MHF) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The tune for the compilation was made under "squareway" pseudonym, which is a side-project from "MHF"(The tune for microdisco vol5 was released under MHF name...). From Ukraine, he loves lo-fi oldskhool sounds from his childhood and decided decided to try make some unusual chipped sounds, mixing it with 80s synth-pop and other stuff... Swampy boy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HE IS A CHIPTUNE TERRORIST T3h rave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data is missing... The J. Arthur Keenes Band ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- data is missing.... UNAS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's sounds like punk/rock music coming out from an old computer with vocals influenced by grindcore and black-metal bands... as a live performance, it looks like a guy acting like a whore waiting for you to interact, spank his ass, scream... Contact: Videovalvontaa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Their bio is there lolz >> Contact: Zombectro ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Data is missing... Contact: - EOF ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ../



Microhorror Compilation Vol. 1: Part I - The Crypt
UPLOADED: 10/31/2011

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