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  • Sola Perplexus (AKA Morphamish)
  • Texture (AKA Bram E Gieben)
Double Helix is an experimental electronic entity designed to explore the outer realms and innerspaces of programmed musical glyphs, and mammalian word secretion.Sola Perplexus (AKA Morphamish) is a producer, live electronic performer and sound engineer based in Edinburgh. He plays live sets of music ranging through dubstep / techno /
electro/ breakbeat / dnb / ambient / hardtek depending on the mood of the moment. He runs the Audiodacity record label. Check and  for more info, track previews, and free audio. Texture (AKA Bram E Gieben) is a performance poet, writer and journalist based in Edinburgh. His lyrics riff on evolution, drugs, acid house culture and politics. See weaponizer for his blog site on science fiction, creative writing, comics and underground hip-hop interviews, and for his poetry blog and solo music.