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[89] Glyndwr M by Dolby, Fialkiewicz, Jovet

Album Description

Released:May 25th, 2018

The fifth album of Dolby, Fialkiewicz, Jovet.

Released in April 2018 on Throne of Bael Records (UK).

The story :

The corpse of Michael in April 1943, while dressed as William Martin Glyndwr Michael (4 January 1909 – 24 January 1943) was a homeless man whose body was used in Operation Mincemeat, the successful Second World War deception plan that lured German forces to Greece prior to the Allied invasion of Sicily...

... On 30 April, Lt. Norman Jewell, captain of the submarine Seraph, read the 39th Psalm, and Michael's body was gently pushed into the sea where the tide would bring it ashore off Huelva on the Spanish Atlantic coast.
Attached to Michael's body was a briefcase containing secret documents that had been fabricated by the British intelligence service. The purpose was to make German intelligence (which was known to have operatives in Huelva) think Michael had been a courier delivering documents to a British general...

...A plaque commemorating Glyndwr Michael is now on the war memorial in Aberbargoed. It is headed "Y Dyn Na Fu Erioed" (translation – "The Man Who Never Was").

(complete story on Throne of Bael Records)

[ album available in lossless format ]

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