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 Dog Leather (1 Albums, 10 Tracks)


Dog Leather
  • Max Eisenberg, Griffin Pyn
Known for energetic, visceral live sets and unblinking showmanship, Dog Leather is poised to wreak havoc on the wider world. A duo comprised of Baltimore mainstay Max Eisenberg (DJ Dog Dick) and nomadic agitator Griffin Pyn (Sewn Leather), they have been described independently as:  a “spewer of the finest festering analogue synths and hip-hop filth” (Impose Magazine) and as “something really special...  all motion all the time AND YOU BETTER WATCH OUT” (Sean Carnage), respectively.  Eisenberg has spent the last few years presiding over the vital Baltimore noise hive called The Bank, a house-venue in the remnants of an abandoned
bank on Baltimore’s west side infamous for hosting the city’s wildest Halloween party as well as shows for the likes Wolf Eyes, Matmos, John Wiese, Dan Deacon, Eric Copeland, and Cex.   Together, Eisenberg and Pyn have become Dog Leather.  Which No-Core has christened “a super group merger... as soon as you hear it, you know [it will] be amazing… blown-out beats, primitive electronic sounds, and not-quite-on-the-beat samples, all mashed together into a fuzzy wall of noise.”  Their debut video for “Troll Spray” scandalized WFMU and Baltimore’s Citypaper.   Dog Leather’s sound will surprise and energize even the most savvy noise aficionados: a crustcrunk symphony that swells and convulses its way through festering netherdungeons of nasty, irreverent raps and burly, distorted beats. After long bouts of touring and surging popularity in Baltimore, Dog Leather has crafted a bold and unprecedented debut, recorded and produced by Twig Harper (of Nautical Almanac) and Dog Leather at Tarantula Hill.


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