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El Lenguaje by Diploide

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Producer: Niño
Engineer: Niño
As it could not be otherwise, Álex Garbanzo suggests, by the way of umour (without ‘h’), in “La Falsa Palabra” a critical reflection about the language as a kind of manipulation of Capitalism at most daily situations: couple life as economical baseline (“El Indivi-duo”) and the current idea of work, understood as right and duty (“El Lenguaje”), as examples of basic activities that seem unshakable, with no ability to question; as well as another reflection about the importance of the consequences of its use: the language laid by the authority (“La Idioma”) or the inability to know ourselves and let
us known by other –Am I in love or not?- (“El Lenguaje”). Definitely, it is all about stressing the importance of the Word at every level. Musically, there are many differences between both sides: the cosmic Castilian-Leonese soulful from Niño for Diploide (“El Lenguaje”) against the Mediterranean R&B from high scoohl gym (“La Idioma”) and the bizarre pop from low smug (“El Indivi-duo”) from Carlos Carbonell for Garbanzo. Logically, both projects are also different. Don’t let Álex Garbanzo voice and figure disable us to see the forest leaves. Although his personality and particular relationship with the microphone could make us think about a single band, the musical aspect of both proposals has different parameters, sounds and, why not, intentions. In addition, digital version will involve some different remixes (available download in a couple of months). Nerko from “El Gremio” and Jesús Isolitics, both of them hip hop producers, will remix “El Lenguaje” from Diploide, and Javier Álvarez, ubiquitous and unexpected musician behind projects like Néboa, Fluzo, Dúo Cobra, … will remix “La Idioma” from Garbanzo.



01. Diploide - El Lenguaje 00:03:50

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