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In Your Lonesome Town by Devil in a Woodpile

Album Description


The Devil's gonna take you for a rough ride in the back of the old pickup truck down the muddy back roads behind the juke joints of the deep, deep south. Find yourself a big fat jellyroll, let its contents dribble down your chin all dirty-like, and take a deep listen to these 12 tracks on In Your Lonesome Town. These vibrant songs will take you back to a place where men were hot for their women, women were hot for their men, where rickety run-down back porches were oh-so alive with spirit and song, good company, and ample quantities of BBQ and booze.

Unlike their pretty-boy indierock counterparts that saturate the music scene with their rented tour buses loaded with Marshall stacks and Midi sequencers, the Devil doesn't need the fancy-shmancy trinkets and crutches the others use to overcompensate for their, well, lack of musical luster. These guys are the real deal--we DEPEND on them here in Chicago to bring us raw, rootsy, gutsy highlights of the best stuff that came out of the early rural Americana blues ensemble works, the stuff that inspired bands like Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top to get busy workin' it out. They want to both tempt and fix your sick soul, they want you to drink tons of booze and they wanna see blisters on your feet from excessive stomping.

Devil In A Woodpile doesn’t have to turn it up to 11 to get their point across--one listen to their raunchy, acoustic mayhem and you’ll be convinced that they really do have armadillos in their trousers.

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In Your Lonesome Town
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