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Dinner in Paris by Dazie Mae

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Dazie Mae
Dazie Mae
Engineer: Bop City
Recorded in the spring of 2012 at BOP CITY recording studio in Paris. This is the third band album to date. The first one to be released on CD. Matured SONGS IN OAK is a collection of 13 songs written with the help of wide quantity of liquor (matured in oak). The band finds inspiration Clearly with varied aspects of "hurry love & relationships". WHETHER you fight against alcohol addiction ("The Bottlefield song"), depression ("Sad & depressed lonely"), separation ("The Winter of my first love") or fear ("Frozen on the outskirts of your heart"). "Dice Man" was inspired by Luke
Rhinehart's novel. For convenience sake, you can apologize Any wrong doings against all odds. "Double Blues" can well be the way you see things After much of the "matured in oak" experience. SONGS IN OAK matured Brings a new pallet of sounds and colors, a touch of vintage and a "mixture of genres." There is no way the band will be pigeon holed, When All element of jazz, blues & folk can be softly mixed together (even with a zest of pop). As this album is highly Unlikely to be reviewed by Any of the big media industry and will benefit from Any Unfortunately not promotional budget. You are Strongly Encouraged requested (if you like what you hear of course) to spread the good word around. Dazie Mae is: Miss Jane: Vocals, Hairy Mat: Keyboards, Tom Lameche, Guitar, Serge Dejazz: Bass, (with the help of crazy drummer Oli Wally Beef). CD & digital release on September 15th 2012 (available on ) Band info:



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