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Argyle Kabuki by Dave Merson Hess

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"I Didn't Know You Were So Strange" cover art
"I Didn't Know You Were So Strange" cover art
Producer: A: Dave Merson-Hess, B: Scott Kramer
This is a single by The Starry Tides, a home recording project from film composer Dave Merson-Hess. When you download it from Bandcamp (pay what you want, including $0) it comes with two short animated films (in .m4v format, iPhone-optimized) by Dax Norman ( For the first track, "I Didn't
Know You Were So Strange", the song came first and the short film is a music video for it. For the second track, "Argyle Kabuki", the film came first and the music is a score written to match the animation. The Bandcamp download also comes with One Lit Window EP (2006)--also availble for download here at the FMA. Thank you for supporting indie music and animation.Preview the films on YouTube:1. I Didn't Know You Were So Strange2. Argyle Kabuki