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Metro Girl (the unedited full 20 minute version) by Damo Suzuki & Now

Album Description

Producer: Clinical Archives
"Clinical Jazz" is an eclectic and illogical compilation.Range: ....from "clinically" traditional jazz directions....... up to unclassable and clinically indefinable "jazz" forms.


Track Info

DAMO SUZUKI & NOW - "The London Evening News"For this recording:CASPAR GORDON = trombone / synthesizerCRAIG TAMLIN = percussion / trumpetDAMO SUZUKI = voiceGILES NARANG = drumsJUSTIN PATON = synthesizers / percussionPETER LOWIS = bass guitarYUHI NAKANO = synthesizerIn London, 1998, songwriter Justin Paton thought up a new group called NOW, so regular rehearsals were arranged with friends helping out on various instruments and NOW was born.Along the way the NOW line-up has evolved to include the following:ANGELA LAST = bass, voice, synth, guitar, percussionJUSTIN PATON = voice, guitar, synth, percussion, bassRICHARD THOMAS = cello, voice, melodica, percussionOn "THE HEPADABOO", their second studio album released by the Japanese label Flau, NOW are delving further into the unexplored regions of off-beat pop music. An EP named "OISHEEDY ANNA" is also out on Discordance records and their first album, named "FRISBEE HOTPOT", was released in 2006 on Pickled Egg records.NOW have worked with visionary underground musicians such as Cans Damo Suzuki (a joint album was released on TRI recordings in 2007, named "THE LONDON EVENING NEWS", and got a rave review in The Wire magazine), Charles Hayward (This Heat/Camberwell Now), Mike Watt (The Stooges/The Minutemen/Firehose/Ciccone Youth), Norways' Metronomicon collective and Salvatore, Kaori Tsuchida (The Go! Team), The Klinker club, Resonance FM Radio, the Kosmische club, Rebecca Closure and Man From Uranus, and regularly appeared on CD and vinyl compilations.Their sense of adventure continues to attract interesting collaborations, and has earned them support slots with bands such as Faust, Circle, Tunng, Psapp, Rothko, The Chap, Plaid and A Hawk & A Hacksaw.NOW could be described as catchy, contemporary, inventive, exotic, melodious, harmonious and disharmonious 21st century pop music.Contact:http://www.nowtheband.comhttp://www.damosuzuki.de
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COMPOSER: Damo Suzuki & Now