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Thingy by Daddy_Scrabble

Album Description

el papi

Five tracks of soothing, beautifully orchestrated and composed lo-fi folk / jazz / trip-hop, from jazz scenester and prolific musician Daddy_Scrabble. Turn on, tune in, chill out.

1 Monkeys Have Arrived

2 Tune 4 Elli*

3 Lord Da Mercy*

4 Flying Peas

5 Spirit You Are My Cherry Blossom

All tracks written and produced by Daddy_Scrabble.

* Produced with Sam Jones


Senior Baker (scrabble) has graced my audio platform with an enthusiasm and attention to detail that has truly mirrored the essence of what i refer to as "the unspoken know it because you do"... i do not work with people that have to be taught or those who fear for the consideration of achieved muso conduct. Baker is fearless in his attitude to sonic finesse, a true all rounder prepared to twist the envelop and get dirty in face of conventional craftsmanship. In the past i have called him literally minutes before a performance and he is alway ready for whatever..... my kind of musician

Rodney Smith pka Roots Manuva

"Some very lush jazz horn arrangements rub up against looped and stuttered vocal samples, live drums and fat synth bass, on what seems like mostly live-recorded tracks that have been treated a lot in post-production. The musicianship is really great on this one, another quality free download from BLM. Early morning jazz baby..."

- Liam Arnold, ShallowRave / Team Little Rock

"This is a season for twangy folk and jazzy beats. This free EP from Daddy_Scrabble and released Edinburgh based netlabel Black Lantern Music fits these requirements rather well."

- Recommended as 'Noise Du Jour' by Will Ellwood / Ectoplasmosis



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gotbooks on 02/04/11 at 04:09AM
I love your Lorda Mercy song! Do you mind if I use it as the intro and exit for my writing podcast at ? I would give you credit at the end of each episode and I'm not selling anything on my podcast so it should fit under the creative commons license.
daddy_scrabble on 04/16/12 at 01:51AM
for new tracks follow
Next EP due this summer
gotbooks on 04/16/12 at 02:14AM
Thanks for the update, Daddy Scrabble. Checked out your link, and look forward to EP. My podcast moved to my homepage of in case you wanted to see how your song is being used. If I signed up for sponsors for the show, would that violate our agreement?
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