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Paraplegic Gerbil Processing Plant by Cyborgs On Crack

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*ABOUT THE RELEASE * After months of preparation, yearly regional compilation - Balkan Under The Radar, under the auspices of the Black Planet Records lived to have its third edition. Since they have already solidified the label’s sound and its residents, the Black Planet team presents us with the Antisocial Network. Compilations "Balkan Under The Radar" are aimed at discovering interesting names mainly from Serbia, but also from other countries from ex-Yugoslavia, with of course our residents and friends. We managed to unify underground from almost all of the former Yugoslav republics. Most of the stuff was brewed especially for
this compilation, all of which were previously unreleased. This time compilation consists of three parts with 40 songs by artists from around the region. The first part is dedicated to the music-playing and electronic alternative projects with vocals. The second part is devoted to experimental instrumental music, hip hop and electronica. Third part is the most experimental and least pleasant to the listeners including noise and experimental. Concerning the genres - this time too it's a wide range - alternative, post-rock, new / dark wave, hc punk, grunge, electronics, industrial, ambient, noise, avant garde, jazz, bass music, hip hop, noise, experimental, etc. Artwork Živko Kondić Enjoy and share with others. :) With love, BPR HQ



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