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Take Air (Colin Langenus, Eli Winograd, Will Berney) by Colin L. Orchestra

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Hey all.

This is Colin L. (USAISAMONSTERCSC Funk BandBullroarerMassDist) and this is what I’m doing…

I’m working on my 2012 album entitled COL. That’s taking up most of my time. I’m thinking about it and working on it a lot. Its all getting planned in my head. And all the moves are getting made. I’m handing it off in December. Gonna take that long.

But I’m also making another album, more like a cassette, but neither. I’m gonna mix these out there outtakes and side jams and whatever new recorded gems. Weirder, maybe more noisy, less focused, not COL, looser, random, more, but just plain fun jams. Whatever I want. Having fun with our Tac board and our studio. Sorta a song a month, on the side. Sorta another record. Its all exciting to me.

NSPY is gonna release these jams digitally, systematically, and periodically on the internet for free and for ya’ll.


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Take Air (Colin Langenus, Eli Winograd, Will Berney) by Colin L. Orchestra is licensed under a Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


Northern Spy Records on 12/14/11 at 04:59PM
Take Air

This is the 3rd jam for OUT COL. I’m releasing jams every month
til COL is out.

TAKE AIR took shape outta another sess for the album. Got Will
Berney on the drums and of course, Eli Winograd on the bass,
and me on guitars, synths, and tamborine. Eli and me mixed and
mastered it.

Eli and Will grew up together and have played music together
intensively. They automatically lock in. They have a thing. You
always want your rhythm section to really communicate, to have
years together. Sometimes all it takes is players getting drunk or
jamming once together, and then they have something together,
and it adds to the music. These guys trust each other.

Will is in HORSE SPIRIT PENTETRATES in western mass. Eli
and Will did 2 PRONG POWER TRIO on Europe tour and the
record SOURCE FROGS which is available on this FREE MUSIC

These dudes locked in on this groove. It feels so nice. I just
noodled on top.
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