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Classwar Karaoke

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Released May 30, 2014
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01) {AN} EeL 'Sacred and Profane'
02) 03_Elements '03'
03) 6 or 7 'Orang Outan My Dear'
04) 7 i i 'Q'
05) AG Davis and Anthony Donovan 'Poe, Clicks'
06) AG Davis 'Crowds'
07) Agnieszka Cie Nienawidzi 'Niewierzacy Zdalnego'
08) Ambient Fabric 'I Was There'
09) Antonio de Braga 'Black Cat'
10) Antonio Munoz von Furstenberg 'William Atta'
11) Arthur Henry Fork 'Turd'
12) Astma feat. Els Vandeweyer 'Magnitofon'
13) Ayato and Natalia Kamia 'Voce Mental'
14) Bagband 'Staiger Edit'
15) Balkh 'In Anticipation of a Blood Moon'
16) Berger Rond 'Watching Myself Dying Beautifully'
17) Berthelot 'La Part du Silence'
18) Blu Simon Wasem  'Lonely Islander'
19) Cagey House 'The Queen's Second Blues'
20) Cathy Heyden and Rogier Smal 'Amsterdam 01'
21) Cezary Gapik 'Subliminal Trap [#0509] (CK Re-Edit)'
22) Charles Premier 'Avant Que'
23) Chris Silver T 'B Naked #3'
24) Crank Sturgeon 'Marmosetting Sun'
25) Crotalus Horridus, Guy Byrd and {AN} EeL 'The Bent Mountain Timber Rattler Ensemble'
26) Crush!!! 'Dorito Surfing'
27) Daniel Heikalo 'Polysensibilite¥ Chimique'
28) Dario Fariello 'Solo at Freitagsmusik, Hamburg'
29) Destroyevsky 'Return of the Ripple'
30) Doll is Mine 'Impro de Salon 1'
31) Drift of Signifieds vs oMMM 'Belleville Rendevous'
32) Eloine 'Snakewaffles'
33) Fanny Ampism 'Sorciere'
34) Fire to the Stars 'Deluxer'
35) Fiver's Stereo 'Turn That Bullshit Down'
36) Gino Robair 'Thriftstore Soap Opera'
37) Herve Perez 'Sweet Solitude'
38) Hieronymous SteamCake 'Morton-Fell-Down'
39) Hubert Heathertoes 'Far Sighted Sign'
40) Hypnodrones 'Wabi Sabi Nightclub'
41) Jaap Blonk 'Ice Saints Survival'
42) Jaras Ramunas Alias ENDICHE VIS. SAT 'New # 2'
43) Jared C. Balogh 'Forbidden Hidden Expression'
44) John Daly 'Oberon1'
45) John M. Bennett 'Some The Poems'
46) Jorn Zone 'B_iv_0013uuu'
47) Jukka-Pekka Kervinen '[Plateau]'
48) Kay Grant and John Russell 'Mopomoso 16.03.14'
49) Launay Gael 'Paysages Melanges'
50) Lee Riley 'Nothing Intended With This Experiment'
51) Lezet 'No Development'
52) LIL 'Acid Trip II'
53) Lord Havoc 'OFGSGID (Remix Reedit By Zaman Cheh)'
54) Mark Tamea 'Raphael Killigarth'
55) Mat Gabo and Beurklaid 'Une Banque Une Compote'
56) Matthias Boss and Chris Silver T 'Free Gipsy'
57) Matthias Boss 'Tante Strade Che Rompono il Culo'
58) Matthies and Perez 'Wordless Song for the Earth 1'
59) Murmurists 'Ecce Haemo'
60) Naoki Ishida and Ayato 'R01804'
61) Noise Research '60500'
62) Oblivian Substanshall 'Fudge Flaming Spunk'
63) Origami Boe 'La Lina'
64) Patrizia Mattioli 'Thinking'
65) Paul Mimlitsch 'Contrabass Clarinet Improvisation Exploration 51214-1'
66) Paulo Chagas and Anthony Donovan 'For an Inreader'
67) Paulo Chagas 'Short Story for Lovers'
68) Pixyblink 'Brittle'
69) Qkcofse 'Accursed Windmills'
70) Rabbitry featuring Tunnel Rat 'Fight Song Loop'
71) Sasa Atanasov 'Scarry Part 1 (ZCPAPSS Remix Point 1)'
72) Sasa 'These Days (Demo Tape Recorded By Phone)'
73) Sasha Raven 'She's An Angel (Poetry For Reka Rajnai)'
74) Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt 'Yoko Ono Saves the World'
75) Seicho suru kigi with Unsample and BroodingSideOfMadness 'Four Rooms'
76) Seth Guy 'MausClikHaus'
77) Sighell 'A Path To Ascension Leads Through Valleys of Shadow'
78) Sonervol 'Like To Hear Those...'
79) Sonvol 'Krep (Last All And Nothing Edit)'
80) Sound Inhaler 'Won't Deny (Pro Tech 1 Club Red Studio Version)'
81) Spidey Agutter 'Your You're You'
82) SSZCPAPTT 'Tinker Tinker Ring My Bell'
83) Stormhat '9 to 4'
84) Subversive Intentions 'With a Snake With a Worm in its Mouth'
85) Super Mountain Bike Brothers 'Sample Rooms'
86) The Michael Atonal VVVick Trip 'RiverHorse Rise'
87) Tnesba 'Tomorrow, in the air'
88) Toe Tapas 'Big Foot Hair Shirt'
89) Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh 'Soul Drifting Horizontally 2.0'
90) Travis Johnson and Anthony Donovan 'Accessories'
91) Union Furnace 'Some Preliminary Notes Towards a Definitive Taxonomy of Perversion'
92) V.A.G.U.E. '2.4.14.iii'
93) WeltAusstellung 'Random Arrangement for 3 Tesla-Broadcast-Installations'
94) Xenakis of Chimera 'Contraption'

Bobbyz Jan 29, 2016

Falls under a category my friend calls "future terror." There is some intensity to be had.

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