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 Chris Da Great (1 Albums, 0 Tracks)


LOCATION:Providence, Rhode Island
ACTIVE:2005 - 0000
  • 1-Love
  • Producers: Deyaris
  • Nabby Zoo
  • M-Con
  • Money Flipp Masters ENT
  • 1-Love

Chris Da Great was born Aug 17,1990 in Providence Rhode Island. The influence of Hip Hop has been with him his entire life. But it wasnt until the 6th grade that Chris began to write his thought into poems, and slowly they became raps, he later found himself free styling and rapping randomly through out his middle school days. When Chris got into his first high school The Met, he met a group of people; Teflon, J.Rose, Big JAS, R&B, and Ozzmatic who were already rappers and singers. From there the group of rappers and singers Chris included started the music group B.E.O Entertainment. At the time Chris was more into being a DJ and producer but Teflon told Chris he should start rapping to make himself more marketable. Chris agreed, but after a year of no studio time Chris wanted to quit and go back to making beats and poetry. Until one day Chris and Teflon got studio time and recorded "Block Muzik". from there the fire lit back up At a performance Chris change his name from C-Nasty to Chris Da Great as a way to show he has grown up. After that performance the group B.E.O disbanded and went on to work on solo projects. Chris then joined forces with three of his best friends Deyaris, Secret Weapon, and S-Vega to start a group . The group Stay together for 2 years, but after a dispute over relationships, friendships, and what kind of music the group was making the group broke up S-Vega kept the name and regroup while the other three members Chris Da Great, Deyaris, and Secret Weapon began a new group (1-Love). 1-Love has been together now for 2 years and they have work hard as ever to get their group album (Dear Rhymebook) completed. The 1-Love Album will be released in the summer of 2010. Chris is also working on a solo album (Killmatic) which will also be released in the summer of 2010. Chris is now the host of the AS220 open mic, Thursday Night Rap Down. So for now this is the story theres more to come.

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