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Album Description

Producer: Esmeraldo Marques
Chico Correa is producer, DJ, and musician Esmeraldo Marques of Paraiba, Brazil. His productions blend traditional Brazilian and new electronic rhythms. This 2006 album is a result of years experimenting fusion of the organic and the electronic. The result is a blend of public domain lyrics using well-known folk melodies
from Brazillian states of Paraíba and Pernambuco, electronic music, and jamming with singers, saxophone players, an Afro-Brazilian percussion set, and a rock power trio. When performing live, Chico Correa and Electronic Band are a six musician band accompanied by a VJ. The ensemble consists in Chico Correa (guitar, grooveboxes, synth), Stephan (sax), Larissa Montenegro (voice), João Cass (percussion), Vitor (drums), Orlando Freitas (bass and pifano flute), and VJ Carlos Dowling.