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Staubkeller Live

Album Description

Background playlist for events, privat for free!Welcome to the Staubkeller Studios. Live Album - Checkie Brown & Guests. Funk, Soul, Jazz & Electro. Checkie Brown are: PeateSticks (Drums, Percussions), Kieli (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Lobo (Keys, Bass, Vocals), Till Kaz (Sax, Flute)Featuring: Super thanks to!!! Gundula (Vocals), Bin der Boss -
Swing (CB 022), Stefan (Guitar, Bass), Superglue (CB 010), Wirklich Wichtig (CB 011),Yesterday Night (CB 012),Invasion der Spacefrogs (CB 014), Immer nur Dasselbe (CB 011) Martin (Bass),Alles Leer (CB 019),Disco (CB 018),Hippie Bulle (CB 017),Roadtrip (CB 021),Rosalie - Bossanova (CB 020),Sonnenschein (CB 018)


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