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Track 2 by Cex Fucx

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Engineer: Sam Humans
So here's the story. Cex Fucx has existed in many forms over the years, the core of which has always been JP Jenkins, Shane "Papa Sweat" Schneider, and Mark E. Kaylor. At some point in 2006-2007 the band swelled in size and some amazing sounds and experiences were had. Many shows were played,  people danced, we all got sweaty and heavily pyschedelic. Although live recordings exist and we made some tour CDRs we only ever recorded in earnest one time, and that is what you have before you, "The Barn Recordings Volume I & II". Shane was living on the
2nd floor of this old barn near Suavie Island, Oregon.  We set up a recording "event" that spanned a weekend, had Sam Humans record us to tape, and had the ultimate plan of editing/mixing the material for a proper release.   We were in the initial stages of communication with the label Not Not Fun to put something out with the material. Well what do you know, its many years later, and these recordings are still in the raw/rough mixed/unedited stage. It seems neccessary to share them with the world as there are some amazing moments amidst the mass of sound here. Yes, we had a good time.  Yes, there were drugs involved.  Yes we made thousands of people dance. The lineup for these recordings was: Jp Jenkins, Dana Vlatka, Luke Wyland, Shane Schneider, Asa Gervich, Maggie, Hathor Vergotis, Mark E. Kaylor, Gabe Saloman, with guest animal support of Osama bin Llama. We would love for some label/entitiy to see the beauty in these recordings and want to release them properly.  Be in touch if you want to make this happen,  editing/mixing can result in a more refined statement but surely everyone can appreciate the wild, rambling moments to experience here...........



02. Cex Fucx - Track 2 00:14:57

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