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LOCATION:Providence, RI
I was born in Providence, RI. My parents raised me in church and my first introduction of music was gospil. I really grew a love 4 musical harmony and melody. I also fell in love with the drums.  Later I started listening 2 hip hop and Michael Jackson and began
creating my own at the age of 5.  Very soon after, I was playing the drums for my uncle's church, my grandparent's church, and then my mother's.  I always love 2 preform in front of large crowds of people.  About a year ago I was introduced 2 a program called AS220 a non profit organization that devolves young people's artistic ability. They gave me an opportunity 2 create music and I've been here every since.  I've always had a thang 4 music. I inspire myself 2 create. My goal is 2 become the greatest musician in world history. I hope u enjoy my music as much as I do. Thank you for reading and l hope u have a great experience.

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